With the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, just buying the Apple Airpods won’t seal the deal. Here are some items we think are mandatory for every iPhone 7 user.

Belkin Audio + Charge Rock Star

Belkin Audio Charge Rock Star
Source: Belkin Website (www.belkin.com)

The iPhone 7 isn’t exactly generous. With just one lightning jack, the iPhone user is forced to stay bored while it charges. This is where the Belkin Audio and Charge Rock Star swoops in to save the day! It comes with two lightning ports. With this you can listen to your music AND charge your iPhone. At the same time!

Exclusively for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus, the Belkin Audio and Charge Rock Star is ‘MiFi’ certified. It’s yours for $39.99.

Apple Battery Case for iPhone 7

Apple Smart Battery case
Source: Apple Website (www.apple.com)

Not many have the patience to carry a separate power bank all the time for the iPhone’s battery to last through the day. Apple knows this and offers a smart battery case to do the trick. The iPhone 7 battery is a pretty solid first party battery case and features a 2365 mAh battery inside. Pick a colour, black or white. You can get this Apple smart battery case for $99 from any Apple store near you. The only downside is that your phone becomes bulky and it adds a camel-like hump.

SanDisk iExpand FlashDrive

SanDisk iExpand Flash Drive-3
Source: www.sandisk.in

If you’re looking for some extra storage or a way to transfer files back and forth from a computer to your iPhone, Sandisk iExpand Drive is a pretty dope solution. This is essentially a USB 3.0 flash drive with a lightning connector on the other end. With the iExpand drive app you can automatically backup photos, transfer files back and forth and you can get in a variety of storage options including 64 GB and 128 GB. It’s pretty handy and you can pick one up at $49.99. Just plug and play folks!

Nomad Key For iPhone7

Nomad key for iPhone 7
Source: www.hellonomad.com

You always forget to carry your charger, don’t you? Well, continue to do so. Because the Nomad Charge Key cures your amnesia. It is a small, durable, lightweight lightning cable that fits on a keychain. On one end you have your USB connector and on the other the lightning connector. Buy it for just $19.95 and watch your iPhone 7 never die.




Earphones and Headphones

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