Apple Music

Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced, speaking at a technology conference organized by The Wall Street Journal in California, that Apple Music has reached 15 million users and 6.5 million paid subscribers.

Initially, each user got a three-month trial for apple’s music streaming service and the first set of users came off the trial period at the end of September. 6.5 million is comparatively a lower number than other online music streaming websites like Spotify, but considering that apple music is new to the game and restricted only to apple users, 6.5 million paid users is definitely not bad.

So what makes apple music worth paying for and should you subscribe? Here’s what you need to know :

What’s in tune

  • It’s cheaper than buying songs on iTunes: If you are someone who consumes a ton of music every day, subscribing to apple music and paying a flat 10$ a month could turn out to be much cheaper than buying individual songs on iTunes.
  • 30 million songs: The apple music library has almost the same songs as the iTunes library, which a few exceptions.
  • Radio: Apple music lets you listen to radio stations from around the world, and honestly, which music lover wouldn’t like that! We’ve definitely been swaying to the tunes of the radio on apple music.
  • Customisation: Apple music allows you to feed in your preferences, understands your likes and suggests music according to your taste.
  • Syncs with iTunes: Apple music syncs well the songs you already own on iTunes, but if you want your purchased music separate from your streaming app, this could be a negative point for you.

What’s out of tune

  • You’re paying more than you think: You do end up consuming quite a bit of data when you use this service. If you use it extensively, your wi-fi/mobile data bill could go up by even 20$ a month. So if you listen to only a specific set of songs, you might want to skip apple music.
  • Free streaming websites: There are obviously a lot of free music streaming websites, which won’t give you as much access to music, but suffice, like the free version of Spotify or in India.
  • Ownership: Obviously you do not own any music if you subscribe to apple music, so once your subscription ends, you lose all your music and customization.

So even though it has got its issues, there are a lot of takers for Apple Music. For now, the streaming industry is heavily dependant on data limitations and as music streaming becomes mainstream, the numbers should grow.

Let’s not forget that Apple Music will be coming to Android devices very soon with the Beta Version already being available.

This will be one of the only apps from Apple on the Android platform. We can’t think of any other apple app apart from ‘Move to iOS’ that’s on android currently. So we can safely say that the company is betting big on its new music platform and hopes to dominate the music streaming business like it did with the MP3 (did we hear iPod?).